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About KTRU

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About KTRU


KTRU is a radio station founded by Rice University students. You can listen to KTRU on 96.1 FM or stream it online.
KTRU Houston is Rice University’s student-run radio station. We originally broadcasted on 91.7 FM from a 50,000 watt antenna. Now we’re on 96.1 FM (low-power) and streaming online like always.


KTRU broadcasts from a little room in the Ley Student Center at Rice University. If you want to mail us something, send it to:

PO BOX 1892
Houston, TX 77251


All the time. We broadcast 24 hours a day.

Example 1: Knowledge

Every week KTRU updates its top 35 albums. (You can check them out here.)

KTRU's Logo

KTRU's Sticker

Figure 2
A picture of KTRU's famous sticker

KTRU's Banner

Figure 3: A banner used for social media
A design for KTRU's banner

Exercise 1

KTRU celebrated its ___ year anniversary this year.



Table 1: Top Three Albums This Week
  Album Artist
1 Songs to Make Dogs Happy Laurel Canyon Animal Company
2 Death Peak Clark
3 Emergence Max Cooper

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